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Touna el-Gebel
Last Post 01 mar 2007 11:01 by Sozzani. 0 Replies.
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01 mar 2007 11:01
    Sull'Egyptian Gazette questo articolo. La località, che abbiamo visitato nello scorso Marzo con Elli, è, in effetti, molto suggestiva. Sulla parete della montagna retrostante vi è anche una delle steli di confine di Akhenaton.
    Peccato che questo "corrispondente di archeologia" del giornale, evidentemente, non ci sia mai stato e sia incorso in un madornale errore. La necropoli sotterranea contiene decine di migliaia di mummie di Ibis, non di tori (Apis)!

    The tragedy of Isadora in pictures

    Hassan Saadallah Archaeology correspondent

    Touna el-Gebel, known in ancient times as the 'City of Memories' is in el-Minya Governorate, Upper Egypt. Its monuments and cemeteries reflect the romantic stories connected with this historic place. This city, which has been neglected for many years, should be restored and put on the tourist map.

    The tomb of Isadora is particularly moving. Isadora died in 120 BC and the pictures on the walls of her tomb show her funeral procession on its way to Touna el-Gebel. Priests lead the way, followed by relatives. Another picture shows the arrival of the procession at the burial place. The high priest steps forward to open the door of the tomb. He then orders Isadora's remains to be placed on a limestone bed in the shape of a lion. In the last frame, only her father and her lover keep vigil at the place of burial.Isadora lived in the Roman era. Her father was a rich merchant. She fell in love with a young soldier, but her father prevented her from marrying him. The young couple eloped with the intention of getting married on the west bank of the Nile. While they were crossing the river, she fell overboard and drowned.Another tomb belongs to Ptosiris, high priest of Thoth. Built in 350 BC, this tomb is decorated in an unusual combination of ancient Egyptian and Hellenistic styles.Touna el-Gebel also has crypts associated with the cult of Apis, the bull. A large number of crypts contain thousands of mummies in wooden and stones sarcophagi.

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